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The Dirty Warrny: A Challenge Beyond Ordinary

Heralded as the Southern Hemisphere’s largest Gravel Monument, the Dirty Warrny stands as a testament to endurance, skill, and sheer passion for the road less travelled. It’s more than just a race against the clock; it’s an emblem of adventure, beckoning cyclists from across the globe to tackle its unique terrains.

Originating in the iconic city of Geelong, the Dirty Warrny unfolds in layers of challenge. For those seeking the most demanding experience, the main course spans a breathtaking 246 kilometres. Mid-tier adventurers can embark on the shorter route from the township of Forrest, while those who prefer a succinct, yet compelling journey can opt for the ‘Classic 80’ course that loops out of Timboon. Each path, irrespective of its length, promises its own set of challenges, ensuring every rider is tested to their limits.

No matter the chosen path, the Dirty Warrny provides no cover, no place to hide. It’s a transparent dual – rider versus course, where the unpredictability of the gravel roads adds a twist at every turn. The feeling of rubber crunching on loose stones, the dust kicked up from the trail, and the adrenaline surge knowing that one misjudgement could lead to a change in standings: that’s the essence of the Dirty Warrny.

Building upon the rich legacy of the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Festival – the second oldest one-day cycling event worldwide – the Dirty Warrny carves out its own niche. It doesn’t just invite riders to race, but to explore, to venture, and to conquer the grandeur of the gravel. It’s a symbol of unyielding spirit and a celebration of the untamed beauty of the Southern Hemisphere’s backroads.





Our Ambassadors

Phil Anderson – Race Director

International cycling legend and Otways local, Phil Anderson, has joined the Dirty Warrny team, bringing with him the experience of riding hundreds of hours on the Otway gravel and assisting with the Dirty Warrny course design.

As Race Director Phill will be responsible for setting the two courses.

James Morton – Deputy Race Director

James has lived and breathed cycling in the Otways for the last 20 years. His love for all things off-road has taken him around the world but the Otways continue to provide James and his posse of Rangers with inspiration to develop challenging gravel adventures on a weekly basis.

Lisa Jacobs – Ambassador

3 time Australian National Cyclocross Champion Lisa Jacobs has represented Australia across multiple years and numerous events. Lisa understands and appreciates the grandeur of this challenging event.


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