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246+ KM

Geelong   |   Warrnambool
09 November 2024
The Route

The Quad Lock Dirty Warrny: The Southern Hemispheres largest Monument

From the vibrant city of Geelong, the Quad Lock Dirty Warrny’s “Gravel Monument” course embarks on a journey that showcases some of the most stunning scenery not only in Victoria but in all of Australia. Ride through the ethereal expanse of the Otways, where towering forests stand as sentinels of nature’s grandeur. Traverse onward to the Heytesbury region, where the rhythmic undulations of rolling hills beckon every rider.

But the essence of the Quad Lock Dirty Warrny doesn’t end in forests and hills. As riders emerge from the dense woods, they are greeted by the vast stretches of straight roads leading towards the heart of Warrnambool. Along the way, iconic locations like Deans Marsh, Forrest, and Timboon add layers of depth to the journey, each with its own unique beauty and challenge.

The culmination is a surreal experience. As the plains of Heytesbury give way, riders find themselves on the serene Warrnambool beach, with the ocean’s rhythm serving as the final note to their symphony of effort. The Quad Lock Dirty Warrny isn’t just another gravel ride; it offers a panoramic view of the Victorian countryside, encapsulating experiences and sights that remain unparalleled in any other event. With this ride, you’re not only riding gravel – you’re embracing the very soul of Australia.




Embrace The Challenge

The instant the start flag unfurls, every second counts. The Quad Lock Dirty Warrny tests more than just physical mettle; it’s a journey of strategy, heart, and connection to the land. Whether your goal is to lead your age group or category or simply to triumph over the challenge within the stipulated time, “The Monument” stands as both a testament and an invitation to the essence of gravel riding in Victoria. Dive deep, ride hard, and let the untouched beauty of Australia guide you through.

Entries are capped at 500.

(More details on time limits to be advised closer to the event date – weather and course conditions will determine the time limits)


246+ km







Max Grade


Geelong – Warrnambool

Start 6:30am - Mount Moriac Recreation Reserve

Finish Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool

Entry Categories

Women Elite / Sport 18-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+*

Men Elite / Sport 18-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+*

Entry Fees

$280 AusCycling Member

$290 non AusCycling Member

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